We were absolutely buzzing with excitement as we hosted Dialogue Five on April 27th, featuring an invigorating Expert Talk by Ms. Paloma Munne, Youth Mainstreaming Specialist at UNODC. Ms. Munne ignited our passion for change by illuminating the crucial role of youth empowerment in tackling global challenges like crime, corruption, and terrorism. Her innovative strategies and focus on human rights and gender equality left us fired up and ready to make a difference!
But the thrills didn’t stop there! We were thrilled to shine an Educator spotlight on Ming Yao Hsiung from Taipei Wanfu Elementary School, Taiwan. Ming’s enthusiasm for fostering self-awareness and empathy among students through multicultural activities and pen pal exchanges was contagious! Their dedication to embracing diversity and fostering global understanding among our youth had us all cheering for more!
And let’s not forget the heartwarming moment when Mr. Samarth Pathak and Ms. Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon from Team RiseUp4Peace welcomed and thanked each and every one of you who joined. With approximately 142 attendees, including students and education leaders from around the world tuning in on Teams and YouTube, the energy was electric!

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