64 students of grade V are participating in Link Online Learners Project.

Students have been attending session in evenings, Tuesday – 7:30 PM and Sunday – 6:30 PM (IST)

Earlier Ms Poonam and Ms Pooja were helping students attend, participate actively in discussions and present about various topics in the session, by sharing screen , a ppt, a video etc. As they were the english teachers of grade V.

Later Ms Nitika and Ms Pooja Sharma are the English teachers of both sections. Hence they have to look into the students participation in this project.

They interact with students around the world present during the call.

Students are also sent in break out rooms to practice, perform and attend various activities.

They openly discuss on topics related to our country, culture, games, sports, dresses during the session.

In LOL sessions, they have various topics to be discussed. As per interest of students they can choose to go to any breakout rooms assigned in that day’s session.

Usual ones are – Games / Adobe / Playing instruments / Online tool etc