AI stands for artificial intelligence and is usually defined as the science of making computers do things that require intelligence when done by humans. A bot or “chatbot”, short for chat robot, is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Team AI answers of Kamla Nehru Public School, India worked on conversational AI and deployed an intelligent bot. The vision for making a bot is totally realistic. CBSE has introduced AI in grade viii & ix in the session 2019-20. The school has opted AI in grade ix and book/e-books are not available yet. Keeping this in mind an intelligent bot has been designed. Which helps us and our fellow classmates to know about AI and to study artificial intelligence via bot. The bot has been created using “Microsoft power virtual agent”.

Young Innovators Summit with Mr Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft on 26th Feb, 2020 scheduled at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center.

The School Principal Ms Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon, four Students, Master Aditya Sharma, Master Himanshu Arora, Miss Jasleen Kaur,Miss Taranjeet Kaur of Grade 9 & their Mentor Ms Tajinder represented “Team AI Answers” of Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara.
Students showcased their project to Mr. Satya Nadella during “The Young Innovators Summit” at India Habitat Centre.
Kamla Nehru Public School won the “Microsoft AI for Good Challenge” wherein the students created a bot which answers all questions related to the #CBSE curriculum of grade 8 & 9, this skill subject started in the session 2019-20.
What a life time opportunity for the Students & the Mentor!

Interactions and Training Sessions