SDGs2SAVETHEWORLD Cohort-4, International #SDGs Collaborative Project organised by Delhi Public School, Varanasi – from 30th January to 19th May 2023.
7 students of #kamlanehrupublicschool Punjab, India participated in an advocacy project as Active and Support Members.
Students choose an issue related to SDG 13 CLIMATE ACTION in their locality and found a problem statement to work upon – “STUBBLE BURNING”.
Team were from these Countries – India, Pakistan, Kazakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Qatar, Phillipines.
Highlights of the project – Teams worked in breakout rooms, heard from International friends about their issues and concerns, suggested methods or ideas to resolve issues of each other, identified similarities and differences in other countries’ issues related to SDG 13 Climate Action.
5 I Model – Identify, Investigate, Ideate, Implementation and Inform.
IT tools (Power point, Padlet, Word, Quiz, Video making)
Mentor – Ms Baljit Kaur
Ms P K Dhillon, Principal (Administration & Innovation) appreciated students for their involvement and encouraged all to participate in several Collaborative projects.