Kamla Nehru Public School is pleased to announce that 37 students of grade 7 C are taking part in an International Project “Climate Action” under the able guidance of the Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon. This project is organized by KOEN TIMMERS,MIEExpert spannig 260 schools in 69 countries. It’s a 4-week project, which started on 2nd October,2017 and would be over on 28th October ,2017. In the first week, the topic of research was “What is Climate Change”? in the second and third week topics were “causes and effects in your own country” for the climate change and “measures to overcome from this problem of climate change” respectively. In the fourth week students will attend Skype calls with the participating schools. The Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon said that it’s a huge platform for the students to discuss and explore their views about climate change worldwide. She further stated that the magic in the classroom is now a collaborative movement for the entire school where in each class has joined hands to support grade 7 C. This project has become school project now.