Knps Phagwara students Master Rhythm Arey ,Master Arshvir Singh Rai, Master Gursidak Singh ,Master Arnav Kumar, Miss Mannat under mentorship of Mr Pardeep Kumar made a place in Top 1000 with innovative ideas .

Project Name: 1. Eye Blink – Voice For The Deaf, Flicker Of Hope For Those Who Can’t Speak.

This project consist of a eye blink sensor, glasses and an arduino. This model is capable to type message and perform tasks by the help of eyes. It can be used by both deaf and normal people ,this project can also be used in military operation as a medium of communication

2. Electricity Consumption under 300 watts

More than 30,000 teams directly participated in a tough competition. So, being in Top 1000 is a big achievement in itself.