Out of 15 states and 1200 schools reached in Top 13.Kamla Nehru Public School is selected for CBSE National Coding Challenge 2022. Coding challenge team comprising of Master Ankush, Master Varinder Kumar, Master Jeet Punia, Miss Bhavya Sharma from grade VIII under the Mentorship of Mr. Pardeep Kumar, ATL incharge prepared the project 3D Prosthetic Hand using microbit and Flex Sensor under the theme Accessibility. 3D Prosthetic Hand looks like our natural arm, hand, and fingers which is designed and made using 3D printer available in Atal Tinkering Lab at Kamla Nehru Public School. In case of missing arm, an artificial limb can replace it. 3D Prosthesis hand, would help one perform daily activities such as eating ,dressing.