British Council ISA Activity- UN Sustainable Development Goals

The School organized Learning market Place for the students of Grade XI and Grade XII on 20.5.17 as part of British Council ISA Activity. Nearly 450 students participated in this Mega Event. The Chief Guest was Mr. Vikas Khanna from Microsoft Gurgaon. The Guest of Honor were Mr.Uppal, Mr.Ashwani, Mr.Ashok, eminent citizens of Phagwara and Ms.Shweta, representing KNPS Kaho, partners in education. Students showcased various Microsoft Applications such as Geogebra, Songsmith, Sway and MS Powerpoint through their exhibits. The focus of all the exhibits and Models were UNO Sustainable Development Goals. Mr.I.K.Sardana, president, school managing committee was happy to see techy students. The Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon stated that the school is moving ahead with huge strides of pride and glory and being a Microsoft school the responsibility lies on our shoulders to be cyber smart and cyber safe school.