'Hawan Yajna'

To seek the blessings of Lord Almighty, for the Academic Session 2017-18, the ceremonial 'HawanYajna' was performed in the School premises on 20.04.17. Dr.Harivansh Mehta ,the General Secretary was present for the religious ceremony. ThePrincipal Ms. P.K.Dhillon welcomed all the guests. Dr. Yash Chopra, Dr. Sushil Kohli, Mr. Ramesh Verma, Mr. Narang, Mr. Balraj Khosla and Mr.Ashish Puri performed the rituals. All the staff members and students were also present for this ceremony. The Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon thanked one and all and stated that KNPS has completed its 10 years successfully with Lord Almighty's blessings. Hawan Yajna is performed every year to pray to God to shower his blessing on the school, for a successful session.